9.4'' Massive Monstrous Dildo(Flesh) for Sex Machine

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9.4'' Massive Monstrous Dildo(Flesh) for Sex Machine

The lifelike dildo is full of temptation to women.The spherical glans penis can touch women's most sensitive area,let them get off,the realistic color of skin isenough to hook up women inner desire for penis. Dildo surrounding texture can let a female to get pleasure,a solid base for the users to feel Soft hand feel, smooth and bright Skin Surface, very close to the real beauty skin, this product is adopted to the latest technology. Size is optional,default color is flesh color.If you need a health and safety sex toy, you must have our full silicone dildos!


Total Length: 24cm or 9.4 inches
Insertable Length: 20cm or 7.9 inches
Circumference: 17.5cm or 6.9 inches
Diameter: 5.6cm or 2.2 inches
Weight: 879g/1.9lb


1*You should use some lubricant before play with the dildo(Had better use a condom) 
2*Please do not silicone based lube,that may damage the item 
3*Please air dry after cleaning,store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight

Declaration:All the product data are collected by manual measurement,for reference only!